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 Geremy is a dyslexic author, interactive speaker, avid outdoorsman


Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

He makes complicated things simple and understandable.

He is transparent
and genuine.

He is able to reach across
generational lines.

He is gifted with humor and great speaking ability.

 His information is timely and presented in an effective manner.

He is funny, approachable, engaging, and relevant.


Speaking Topics

First Responders

  • My Fire Story
  • PPE Kept Me Alive
  • Confronting Loss and Hopelessness


  • Servant Leadership

  • Addressing the Problem Not the Symptom

  • Redefining Accountability

  • Principles, Rules & Productivity


  • Growing Up Special Ed & How I Got Here

  • Getting Beat Up

  • Dumb, Dyslexic Speaker & Columnist:      The Power of Labels


  • Raising Kids Outdoors

  • Basic Skills

  • Finding Healing in Nature