Let’s start this book review series with a little bit of background. Being dyslexic, reading is not something I like to do…ever. However I also understand the importance of being a knowledgeable leader so I can make wise and healthy decisions. That’s why I’ve chosen “Leadership in Christian Perspective” by Justin Irving and Mark Strauss as my first installment of Dyslexic Book Reviews.

What you need to know about this book is it’s really two books in one. First it’s a play by play book on servant leadership taken directly from the Bible. I know there may be some of you out there that think the Bible is really scary and what’s in it for me as a leader? Well, this book answers that question in great detail. I think it’s fair to say nobody would argue with the statement “people don’t quit jobs they quit bad bosses”. I think there’s also a really good chance that everyone reading this review has had a negative experience with a leader sometime in their past. “Leadership in Christian Perspective” starts out by framing a solid foundation for servant leadership. “It is not enough for a leader to simply tell followers what is expected, leaders must model these priorities through their authentic example.”

The next book you get inside this cover is a step-by-step academic guide to practical leadership. One of the problems many leadership books have is they only explain what we are supposed to do as leaders but they never layout the how. “Leadership in Christian Perspective” does an excellent job of supplying the tangible everyday actions we need to practice to be quality leaders. 

It’s a great resource for anyone who’s heading into a position of leadership in the future, while at the same time it’s a great diagnostic tool for leaders trying to figure out what’s going wrong in their organizations. I’d also recommend this book for parents who are raising their kids. This may seem a little odd, but one of the struggles we have in our society today is a lack of educated leaders. Using this book as a framework for teaching kids the necessary principles and skills needed to be a servant leader will give them a leg up on their peers in the future.

It would be fair to say this book reads a little more like a textbook than most books you would read, but it’s also a book you want to have on your shelf as a reference when questions arise in your daily leadership responsibilities. When it’s all said and done, I’m glad I read this book and would highly recommend it to anyone who is or will be in a leadership position.

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Geremy Olson is a dyslexic columnist, interactive speaker, accomplished producer, editor, avid outdoorsman, and accident-prone firefighter. GOspeaks.live