Campfires, Kids, and the Outdoors

Campfires, Kids, and the Outdoors is far more than a hunting and fishing book. It’s a cover-to-cover guide to teaching kids life lessons in the woods and fields, on the water, and under the stars. Each chapter echoes Geremy Olson’s lifetime of experience raising kids to appreciate and navigate the majesty of nature, not by fearing it, but rather by instilling knowledge, decision making, and confidence. His treasure trove of photos captures the magic of family time spent together in the outdoors, and the joys of ending the day by sharing stories and observations before the hypnotic glow of a seductive campfire.



“Profoundly inspiring. Geremy has a written a gift for all of us who are interested in the outdoors and are involved with kids of all ages. He reminds us with laser clarity of the importance of time, example, and that doing the right thing is not always the same as doing the easy thing.”


If you’re looking for a way to reach your kids in a tangible and relevant environment, then this is the book. The author does an incredible job weaving everyday activities that parents can partake in with their kids while building on life themes, values, and other elements. It helps build them into the adults they will one day be.